All about Omegas 3

All about Omegas 3

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Among the most popular nutrients in bodybuilding, there is what is called Omega 3. More and more studies show their importance in terms of both health and bodybuilding. If we find a lot of natural fish, it is not unusual to have to supplement in Omega 3 when one is sporting. What is the interest of this fatty acid?


Omegas 3, What is it?

Your grandparents often told you that every morning they had to drink a spoon of cod liver oil, and mine had gone through this experience in a very bad way. Unfortunately, this oil did not contain that much Omega 3.

In fact we find Omega 3 under three types:

  • AAL acid or alpha-linolenic acid found in vegetable fats such as linseed, rapeseed or walnut oils.
  • EPA acid or eicosapentaenoic acid (to your wishes). That will be found more in animal fats like our friends Nemo, Doris, and what has fins, and bones, fish. It can also be found in other animal sources.
  • DHA acid or Docosahexaenoic acid (word counts triple to scrabble), just like its unpronounceable acidic bud, is found in fish and other animals.

Gellule fish art

Note that our body can create DHA acid from AEP which can itself be created from ALA (you get it called synthesize AAL -> AEP -> DHA)

But the transformation will give you small amounts.

The good news is that with supplements you will be able to do without this synthesis and directly swallow AEP and DHA acid

Why take Omega 3 bodybuilding

This fatty acid is an anti-inflammatory. A little bit like what you will put when you have a visible wound except that we talk about the inside of your body. because when you do bodybuilding you create micro muscle lesions, and you will not eat ointment, because otherwise you will be sick.

With Omegas 3, you will be able to repair all your little body and in a natural way, thanks to the poiscaille juice.

You get an optimal recovery, aches that fade more quickly (we call this in technical language cytokines), and a regulated inflammation.

Omegas 3 are often used in the agri-food industry to swell the muscles of animals (so that at the end you eat them too). Why ? When taking Omegas 3, amino acids and therefore proteins are better synthesized and the anabolic reaction is doubled.

Omegas 3 therefore improve the weight gain!

In addition this fat will allow you to lose fat around the waist, it sounds crazy but it’s called lipolysis, which is the use of fat as a source of energy.

it is therefore essential to use Omega 3 when you want to loose weight

Why take Omegas 3 for your health

You will understand, what is good for bodybuilding is very often good for your health

Who says anti-inflammatory, says immune system at the top, and less likely to catch this damn cancer. In addition to the Omega 3 you will have a better memory, because this acid protects your cells, you will not have any more excuses for the oblivion of the birthday of your guy / your girl on the other hand.

If by chance you are a little nervous and stressed, know that the Omegas 3 will be very good to reduce your hypertension and thus prevent you from a heartache that can be annoying, as you can die, and if you die, it will be difficult to train.

With Omega 3, you prevent the risk of a cardiovascular event.

take your capsules

How to dose and use Omegas 3

Ils sont la plupart du temps proposés en gélules, et c’est un supplément à prendre en même temps que le repas du soir. La posologie idéale est de 2 grammes par jour.

Il faudra éviter les gélules comprenant Omega 3-6-9, pour se consacrer uniquement aux Omega 3, justement pour ajuster l’équilibre entre les trois acides


Counter indications of the Omega 3

Well we must admit, it’s still fish oil, so if you come to burp right after, you’re not surprised to feel the sardine’s head … And you’ll understand, if you’re allergic to fish, avoid what is fish-based.

Similarly if you are on anticoagulant treatment, avoid, it’s a little advice from friends.

Here I hope that the Omegas 3 have no secret for you but you will not throw yourself on your goldfish to eat it, it would be silly … there is nothing for him


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