Documentary Michelle Lewin

Documentary Michelle Lewin

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She is nice this Michelle Lewin, the Venezuelan had her story translated for the English public, you will be able to know more about his career, on his “Morning selfie” proposed in the morning on his instagram and who helped him to receive new followers.

You will learn more about Jimmy Lewin, who is her husband, manager and trainer, he helps him manage his publications on social networks, and you’ll see that the numbers are increasing very quickly, normal with 20 million followers.

In all, a 15-minute documentary, do not forget our article about Michelle Lewin’s bodybuilding and nutrition program

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Ancien blogger de sites décalés et d'humour, Xavier (aussi connu sous le pseudonyme et site internet "Smabite"), s'est laissé aller au point de devenir un beau loukoum. Ayant perdu tout son Mojo, il décida en 2008 de faire un travail sur lui-même qui lui fit perdre 20 kilos. Depuis il ne vit que d'eau fraiche, de protéine et d'amour aussi... quand même (son Mojo n'est toujours pas revenu)

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