The health benefits of bodybuilding are greater than endurance

The health benefits of bodybuilding are greater than endurance

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It can not be repeated enough, but yes the sport has great benefits on health but also on being autonomous for as long as possible. The benefits of stamina (such as running, cycling and even walking) have often been touted, or other forms of aerobic type.

Nevertheless, new serious studies would come to prove that the practice of the bodybuilding is just as good, or even superior to the endurance.

Less fat with bodybuilding

Indeed, even if endurance burns calories, this effect does not last as long as with bodybuilding. With the addition of additional loads such as strength training or CrossFit, the muscle fibers will be broken and the body will have to rebuild these muscle fibers, and therefore expend energy for it. Bodybuilding therefore reduces body fat, reduces inflammation (even with body aches), lowers blood pressure, and your lung capacity is increased.

The Australian study meta

It is an Australian study which allowed to highlight this discovery. it involved more than 80,000 people aged 30 and over. The link that has been retained as a criterion by researchers, is the relationship in bodybuilding (without material this time), and all-cause mortality, whether by cancer or cardiovascular disease.

  • People who, regardless of the frequency and intensity, practice bodybuilding reduce by 33% the risk of death from cancer and the risk of death from all causes by 23% compared to those who do not practice bodybuilding.
  • If you practice bodybuilding at least 2 times a week, the decrease related to cancer death by 22%, 21% for all cause deaths.

What about people who practice endurance at moderate intensity?

The results are still good, it is of course better to have an activity than nothing. The researchers found that those who practiced 150 minutes of moderate intensity endurance lowered the risk of death by 22% and the risk of death from all causes by 16%.

And if we associate both ?

The practice of bodybuilding and aerobic activity (which CrossFit offers) reduces the risk of death from any cause by 29% and the risk of cancer mortality by 30%

[standard notification = “notification_mark”] The meta-analysis therefore made it possible to highlight that bodybuilding, compared to aerobic exercises, has benefits, and more positive results over time on fasting insulin, the pressure blood pressure or body composition. [/ notification]

The study Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

This study was done on more than 12,000 participants with an average age of 47 years for 5 to 10 years and sought to link the exercises related to additional load (therefore bodybuilding) and mortality. 276 deaths all together and 205 cases of cardiovascular disease were noted.

[standard notification = “notification_mark”] It was concluded that the risk of heart attack and stroke could decrease by 40 to 70% with a 1 hour 3 times a week bodybuilding practice. [/ notification]

Our opinion

Obviously, physical activity, linked to good nutrition and good sleep are the ideal components for good health. The best thing being to be able to associate at the same time exercises of bodybuilding with additional load on known polyarticular movements (Squat, Raised of ground, pumps or bench press) and aerobic exercises (bike, rower, race), we will add stretching, cladding for the “Core”.

Several books offer programs in this direction. We can only advise you also the practice of a complete sport in this sense, which is the Crossfit. 😉


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