Fitness Model: Miss Laura Michelle Prestin

Fitness Model: Miss Laura Michelle Prestin

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It’s been a while since I wish to present this thirty-year-old Canadian woman, measuring 173 cm for 56 kilos. If you want to know more about “Miss Prestin” or Laura Michelle Prestin, I invite you to read the few paragraphs below.

Sportswoman from the age of 7

Laura, so to speak, always been a sportswoman, as young as 7, the girl was beating a football, was swimming a few laps, and in the time that was left, even tried gymnastics.

She started bodybuilding seriously when she returned to the grandes écoles at the age of 21. When she started her modeling career, she received up to 100 emails a day to give fitness tips. With a big heart (I know you have not looked at it but hey), she began to help people and then did her job by becoming a personal trainer by continuing to document daily on his work.

To stay motivated? Passion

It is her love for sport and fitness in general that gives her the motivation to continue, for her life without a daily training would become aimless, unstructured and disorganized. Her program allows her to be balanced in her work, her life as a model and a traveler. So she can meet many people in her work thanks to her presence on social networks: 60,000 subscribers on twitter, 126,000 on instagram and some 1.8 million fans on Facebook

His advice for women

One of the biggest myths Laura wants to take apart is the belief that a woman who pushes weights will become muscular like a man. A woman who raises cast iron will not become muscular like a man, because her physiological and genetic predispositions will prevent it. So do not be afraid, ladies, to use weights instead of miles of cardio. A short and intense training will have more results than a marathon

Laura adds a little top of her stuff to succeed in the middle

  • Set goals
  • Commit to the assets until the end
  • Think positive
  • Do not focus only on food
  • Do not overtrain (3h of sport 7/7 will not make you progress)
  • Find a room partner to motivate you
  • If you are not well do not worry, tomorrow is a new day
  • If you’ve had a restless night, come back with some cardio and it’ll be better
  • Consistency is key

Training program

His weekly exercises break down like this:

Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Back / Abdos / Arms

Wednesday: Pecs / Shoulders

Thursday: Back / Abdos / Arms

Saturday: Yoga

Sunday: Rest


To maintain her exceptional shape at age 30, Laura diets into 7 shots of food in a day

Meal 1: Oat or egg white, banana and fruit juice

Meal 2: Almond or sandwich

Meal 3: Salad tuna

Meal 4: Apple, Orange and Yoghurt

Meal 5: Protein Shaker

Meal 6: Chicken or fish, vegetables, salad and spinach or rice

Meal 7: Cereals or Protein Shaker

Miss Prestin’s video

Miss Prestin’s photos


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Snapchat : Prestinfit

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