Who is Mathew Fraser? Fittest man on earth 2016 to 2018

Who is Mathew Fraser? Fittest man on earth 2016 to 2018

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He crushed CrossFit Games 2016 with all his might. Complete he left no chance to his opponents as he had announced all year. And at the end of the 5 days of competition and the 15 events, it is finally sacred “Fittest Man on earth”

A year of hard work

Because he wanted this title. Rid of the main competitor Rich Froning, hired only for the team competition in the Crossfit Mayhem team, Mat had his main opponent Ben Smith, winner of the previous Games and who will end the competition, far, far behind a high Fraser. For proof event 12 named suicide sprint, or it will reach the end of an extraordinary finish to take the first place in Ben Smith in his heat (“his serie”), allowing him to finish second in the event.

But to become a champion of CrossFit, it’s not enough to be fast. Mat was also the winner of the 7kms trail and finished second in the squat clean pyramid with two last squats cleans at 147kg. Lively, enduring, fast, you have to be good everywhere to claim to be on the podium of CrossFit Games. As the program below shows

Calendrier finales CrossFit masculin

3rd participation in Crossfit Games

CrossFit Games have been around since 2007, and in his last two appearances, he was second on the podium behind Rich Froning and Ben Smith, respectively. Born in 1990, he posted 1.73m for 86 kilos, that is to say, a beautiful beast, he is a former weightlifter and belongs to the team Champlain Valley Crossfit.

His performances, he is able to finish the Wod named Fran in 2: 07 minutes, Fran is a Wod Reference 21-15-9 of Thrusters and Pull Ups.

A Thruster being a combination of a squat front chained from a push press (developed standing military) to 43 kilos, 21 repetitions, then 15 then 9, alternated by 21 pulls, then 15, then 9

Video of Mat Fraser

Want to see a little in action of such an athlete and measure your stats, I propose a Tabata 4 minutes (20 seconds of intense effort, then 10 seconds of rest) including various workshops such as Thrusters (still want) GHD, Power Snatch, Muscle Up Bar, Kettlebell Swing, Wall Ball, Burpe Over the Box, Overhead Squats

I also propose another video from “Road to the games” where you can see the lifestyle of Mat, you will notice that we can listen to the Country and be a machine.


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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Mathew-Fraser-219520134899904/

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