Fitness model: Marc Fitt

Fitness model: Marc Fitt

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He is from Quebec and therefore from Celine Dion or Garou in his voice. Marc Fitt is the guy with a simple guy mouth, who does simple things, has a natural physique, no too much and not too little, and even takes pictures of him in the woods or he thinks … And we at home, we like the woods. So we’ll tell you how Marc trains, and what he eats to keep such a physique.

All that is most natural

So here, if you want to know what you can achieve by being natural, training you in a serious way and paying attention to your nutrition, Marc Fitt is an example. As proof of its measurements, it measures 178 cm for 80 kilos and keeps a fat content of less than 10%, a physical quite accessible for the average person using just enough food supplements for recovery .

How does Marc Fitt train?

Our athlete does weight training 6 days a week and his session lasts about 45 minutes, it is at the same time poliarticular movements and exos of isolation. Marc uses the super-sets and drop-sets enormously in his training

  • Monday: pectoral, calves, abdominals.
  • Tuesday: back, abdominals.
  • Wednesday: legs, calves, abdominals.
  • Thursday: shoulders, abdominals.
  • Friday: biceps, triceps, calves, abdominals.
  • Saturday: legs, abdominals.
  • Sunday: rest or calves and abdominals.

And what is his nutrition?

To have a physical Marc Fitt and in his own words, it takes 20% of training and 80% nutrition + food supplement for recovery

Breakfast: 100 g egg whites, 1 protein shaker, 1 banana, 100 g oat flakes, 1 portion blueberries, 2 multi-vitamins, 2 capsules omega-3,1 vitamin b-100 and 5g of glutamine.

Snack 1: 1 apple, 20 almonds, 1 protein shaker.

Lunch: chicken breast, vegetables, 100 g of whole rice, 2 multi-vitamins, 2 omega-3 capsules.

Snack 2: Pre-workout (1h30 to 2 hours before training): 1 protein shaker, 60 g oat flakes.

Pre-workout: 1 pre-workout dose (30 minutes before training) and 10g of BCAA, 5 g of glutamine (15 minutes before training)

Post workout: 45g of whey, 65g of dextrose, 5g of creatine mono hydrate, 5g of glutamine, 5g of BCAA

Dinner: Chicken breast, vegetables, whole rice, 2 omega-3 capsules

Snack 3: 50 g of casein, 5 g of glutamine, 3 capsules of ZMA.

Marc Fitt’s video

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His podcast on Itunes: FitTalk
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His Twitter account: @marc_fitt
His Instagram account: marc_fitt
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